About Us


"Data used intelligently will transform business performance and the world in which we live.  We believe all successful organisations will treat data as a valuable asset."

Our Story

Formed in 1996 DQM GRC specialises in data governance, risk mitigation, compliance (GRC) advisory services, benchmarking research and technologies to de-risk data assets and help clients use their data to drive business performance.   The company provides consulting, research, and data protection products and a unique, proprietary technology & data governance platform for tracking data flows.

DQM GRC is the market leader for protecting and improving valuable data assets in the important commercial, customer and marketing data sectors.    Over 80% of major commercial data owners, including BT, Callcredit, D&B, Equifax, Experian and Royal Mail rely on DQM GRC to protect their valuable data assets.   Increasingly, major brands from finance, retail, media, not4profit, and telecoms are now selecting DQM GRC too.

Widely regarded as the “Switzerland of Data”, the company has a respected position in the market, winning 9 industry awards, sitting on the data councils of the DMA, IDM and techUK and Boards of the DM Commission and DM Foundation.

The introduction of major new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2016 is driving demand from customers who need help to meet the demands of the new regulation.   DQM GRC with its proprietary GRC solutions and expertise is well placed to strengthen its leadership position.

Based in Central London with a data and operational centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, DQM GRC supports FTSE 100, large and mid-market organisations across the UK and Internationally.

Today DQM GRC is and will always be…


The UK’s most trusted independent data protection company

Data Savvy

Uniquely data skilled strategic consultants, working with fast growing data driven businesses across all sectors to de-risk data and power organisational performance

Market Leading

Conducting  over 200 third party audits every year for leading commercial data owners and major brands who outsource data management or use external call centres

First Choice

Working for 80% of leading commercial data owners, monitoring estimated usage of over 55% of all UK commercial data transactions 24/7/365

Smart Systems

Now fully automated, DQM GRC has the only 100% proven data tracking (‘seeding’) capability with automated cloud based technology backed with specialist forensic data audit services

Unique Solutions

Conducting invaluable benchmarking and measurement research for data governance, quality, pricing and policing purposes


For more information on how DQM GRC can help you de-risk your data assets call our sales team on 01494 442900 or e-mail sales@dqmgrc.com.