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Data Protection Risk Assessment - DQM GRC Radar(tm)

Identify your data strengths and weaknesses

Our fast gap analysis provides a report which clearly highlights your strongest and weakest areas for data security and data protection. These might include a lack of staff training, exposure from non-compliant 3rd party data processors, inadequate data encryption, or unclear data permissions.

Remedy Action Plan

Our recommendations and action plan prioritise the highest risk areas and our team can provide template solutions to ensure you reach compliance

Don’t be the next data disaster headline

Your customer’s data will be much less vulnerable to attack, theft or loss, meaning reputational damage from a data breach is much less likely. You can be sure that you have the correct marketing permissions for communication programmes

Reduced Cyber Insurance Premiums

Companies who have undergone a DQM GRC Data Risk Assessment can benefit from discounts of up to 25% on their cyber insurance from QBE Insurance, to cover issues if they arise, such as crisis management, damage to underlying systems from virus injections and notification and fine costs.

Gain Valuable Data Standards 

Once remedies are in place you can work towards gaining standards such as ISO2700, Cyber Essentials, DataSeal, Fair Data, Privacy Seal, standards which can help with winning major tenders.

Sort Out Marketing Permissions

The assessment will help you understand how to improve your permission management processes - allowing you to build trust with your customers and prospects

Product Overview

Data Protection and Data Security are now board room issues, with the Ponemon Institute predicting that 1 in 3 UK retail organisations will suffer a damaging data loss over the next 24 months. Considerable impact on consumer trust, brand and financial damage can happen to companies who don’t take these predictions seriously.

The DQM GRC Data Protection and Security assessment is the fastest, most efficient way to assess and then fix your data compliance, data privacy and data security risks. This is the starting point from which you can build solid data governance as the assessment is built to complement and enhance current and proposed standards and legislation including: GDPR, ISO 27001, the Data Protection Act (DPA), and the Privacy in Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)

We produce a detailed report scoring your security and compliance, ranking your areas of risk against best practice and industry standards. We then provide a step by step prioritised action plan to fix the risks identified – using tried and tested templates.

What our clients say:

“Understanding how well your staff and 3rd parties are protecting and securing  your valuable customer data is an important enabler to building customer trust in data.”

Matthew Smith, Director of Legal, Screwfix

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