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GDPR RADAR Assessment

A unique data protection assessment that will score your current fitness against the new regulation, understand where you need to improve and set a bespoke programme to get your organisation to where you need to be.

GDPR Technology

A comprehensive and effective suite of permission, security and privacy management technology solutions which together dovetail into an integrated GDPR data governance platform

GDPR Team Training

From hands-on e-learning through to one-to-one coaching and workshops, DQM GRC can provide all you need to make your GDPR programme a real success throughout your organisation.

Take our free online GDPR self-assessment

Compliance with the GDPR is not optional but a neccessary requirement for continued communication with your customer and prospect audiences. With little time remaining before the law will be enforced the time for action is now.

This straight-forward 12 question self-assessment will not only indicate where your organisation faces the biggest challenges but will give clear advice what you can do about them.

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