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The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating Google after a number of complaints were received regarding "forced consent"

Data Protection Day 2019

Data Protection Day was launched by the Council of Europe in 2006 and is now celebrated globally every year on the 28th of January. Business has its part to play too...

France’s Data Protection Authority, the CNIL, has announced a 50 million euro fine for Google conculding that personalisation of advertisements was conducted with a lack of transparency, inadequate information and no valid consent.

Third Party Data Flows

From cloud based storage through CRM, accounting and office applications most organisations use third-party processors. This article discusses a 6 step process for managing the GDPR privacy risks they represent.

The GDPR ToolKit

GDPR RADAR tm Risk AssessmentRead more

  •  Detailed assessment across GDPR and PECR
  •  Priority and high-risk actions identified
  •  Check your compliance programme

DPO as a ServiceRead more

  •  Formal DPO responsibilities
  •  Regular on-site involvement
  •  Available when you need
  •  Digital and documentary tools

Consent & Preference ManagementRead more

  •  Consent & permission management software
  •  Customer preference centres
  •  Privacy management software

GDPR Third Party AssessmentsRead more

  •  On-site security assessments
  •  Contractual adherence
  •  GDPR risk assessment
  •  Data supplier due dilligence


Consultancy SupportContact us

  •  Data Mapping
  •  DPIA & risk Assessments
  •  Policy writing & business process
  •  Data breach and SAR support

GDPR TrainingRead more

  •  Standard & bespoke e-learning modules
  •  Tailored face-to-face sessions
  •  Stakeholder engagement & education

Data Subject Rights TestingRead more

  •  DSAR process & response testing
  •  Change of data request testing
  •  Right to erasure request testing
  •  Compliance monitoring of communications
  •  Data loss/breach identification

Data InvestigationContact us

  •  Calculate consent lifetime
  •  Quantify re-consent strategy
  •  Data quality assessment and improvement


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